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Welcome to Sofoma

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Welcome to Sofoma

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About Us

Sofoma Group has been involved in the design of facilities, process and utility system projects with a construction value of more than $billion. From our headquarters in Wadsworth, Panama, we offer the services of over 100 professionals that possess cross-industry experience. We work across a wide array of business sectors, including power, rubber and plastics, chemical, manufacturing and metal and mining industries as a full-service firm that also provides construction administrative and construction management services. Our service offerings are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, either individually, in combination or as a single-source various services .

Procurement Processes

In order to better understand your specific needs and expectations, we work closely with you. We begin by designating a dedicated client team with the exclusive task of examining each step in your logistics chain.

Best Consulting

To provide innovative, reliable and safe designs for engineering and design-build projects;

Areas of Expertise

We provide a comprehensive list of service capabilities in seven select areas of expertise – the diversity of our offerings are the direct result of the diversity and quality of skills and experience our employees bring to the table.

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